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dc.contributor.advisor Houghton, Mona en
dc.contributor.editor Ruby, Tracey en
dc.contributor.editor King, Jessica en
dc.contributor.editor Salcido, Raul en 2012-08-31T20:37:23Z en 2012-08-31T20:37:23Z en 2005 en
dc.identifier.uri en
dc.description.tableofcontents Poetry: Roxanne Duboucheron "El Veloria" [Page] 48; Amber Norwood "All Things Golden" [Page] 50, "Process Theory" [Page] 52; Dena Skiles "Omen" [Page] 53; Jeff Sosner "No-Hitter" [Page] 55; George Jimenez "estuary" [Page] 56; Ethan Bruer "A Night at Devil's Cove" [Page] 57; Donovon Hufnagle "I Ain't Your Daddy" [Page] 58; Evin Wolverton "Eggbutt" [Page] 60; Anja Leigh "Purple Paint" [Page] 61; Kate Rowe "Three Kinds of Memory of the Opposite of Soul" [Page] 62; Donovan Hufnagle "bar Girl" [Page] 64; Ethan Bruer "A Childs First Romance' [Page] 66; Jeff Sosner "Geographic" [Page] 69; B.Z. Niditch "Book Boy" [Page] 70; Dan Murphy "The Minister Pays a Visit" [Page] 71; Victoria Gonzalez "I Want to be There" [Page] 73; Kim Young "Light in August" [Page] 74; Cynthia Hoda "Metamorphosis" [Page] 75; George Jimenez "How Are Things with Her?" [Page] 76; Leigh Ann Detweiler "Makeup" [Page] 77, "The post-war era" [Page] 78, "Song for the piano" [Page] 80; Shayda Kafai "To Verify" [Page] 80; Kara Lawton "Between More and Less" [Page] 82; Kim Young "A Winter Coat with Sleeves the Perfect Length" [Page] 84. Fiction, Drama: Keith Onstad "Searching for Sheep" [Page] 11; Corinna Coorssen "Potluck-Story" [Page] 23; James Allardice "Fall Catalogs" [Page] 35; Jennifer Lu "Dap's Wife" [Page] 38; Mary Ruth Summers "How to Become a Deaf Person" [Page] 86; Evin Wolverton "On the Fence" [Page] 93; Christopher Page "Infusion" [Page] 101; Brian Scott "ratsandmice" [Page] 107; James Allardice "®the Corner" [Page] 109; Marco de la Fuente "Jazz Mama" [Page] 119. Art: Jim Buxton "Untitled" [Page] 85; William Buckley (Bixby) "Harmony" [Page] 72; Nancy Carroll "Linda's Chairs" [Page] 92; Erika Deeter "Venice Tattoo Alley" [Page] 59, "Cows" [Page] 68, "Old House" [Page] 79; John Divon "A Shared Kiss" [Page] 54; Joy Japlit "Inhale, Exhale" [Page] 46, "When You Feel You Can't Go On, let Someone Know Your Pain" [Page] 47, "A Gun Is Not a Toy" [Page] 106; Adam Reyes "A Walk on the Wild Side" [Page] 118; Drew Stillman "Brier Drive" [Page] 1, "Los Angeles Love" [Page] 100. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Department of English, California State University, Northridge en
dc.rights Copyright 2005 Northridge Review, California State University, Northridge. en
dc.subject California State University, Northridge - Department of English en
dc.subject American fiction - 20th century. en
dc.subject American poetry - 20th century. en
dc.title Northridge Review: Fall 2005 en
dc.type Journal en

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  • Northridge Review [84]
    A literary magazine published twice a year by students at California State University, Northridge.

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