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This community houses the papers, scholarship and creative works produced by the CSUN Department of Mathematics' faculty and students. Faculty are given individual collections to showcase their work. Student works, including papers and other assignments, are kept within individual course collections (i.e. BIOL 485). Master's theses for this discipline are included within this community but can also be found in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Community.


Department of Mathematics
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Recent Submissions

  • Wang, Ge; Li, Yi; Jiang, Ming (Medical Physics, 2004)
    Motivated by bioluminescent imaging needs for studies on gene therapy and other applications in the mouse models, a bioluminescence tomography (BLT) system is being developed in the University of Iowa. While the forward ...
  • Chuang, Yao-Li; Chou, Tom; D'Orsogna, Maria R. (Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 2016)
    We derive a three-dimensional theory of self-propelled particle swarming in a viscous fluid environment. Our model predicts emergent collective behavior that depends critically on fluid opacity, mechanism of self-propulsion, ...
  • Dawson, Donald; Fleishmann, Klaus; Li, Yi; Mueller, Carl (Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), 1995)
    In a one-dimensional single point-catalytic continuous super-Brownian motion studied by Dawson and Fleischmann, the occupation density measure λc at the catalyst's position Cis shown to be a singular (diffuse) random ...
  • Dai, Donghai; Beck, Brandon; Wang, Xiaofang; Howk, Cory; Li, Yi (Public Library of Science (PLOS), 2011)
    The genetic model of tumorigenesis by Vogelstein et al. (V theory) and the molecular definition of cancer hallmarks by Hanahan and Weinberg (W theory) represent two of the most comprehensive and systemic understandings of ...
  • Li, Yi; Jiang, Ming; Wang, Ge (BioMed Central, 2005)
    Optical molecular imaging is based on fluorescence or bioluminescence, and hindered by photon scattering in the tissue, especially in patient studies. Here we propose a computational optical biopsy (COB) approach to localize ...