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This community houses 53 volumes of The California Geographer published by the California Geographic Society from 1960 to the present.


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  • Davis, Kathryn (California Geographical Society, 2016)
    California Geographical Society Awards, 2015.
  • Sumner, Ray (California Geographical Society, 2016)
    In the year 2000 I wondered about that famous German name when I attended the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (APCG) meeting at Humboldt State University. It was so conspicuous throughout the region. Could I have ...
  • Valdes, Antonio (California Geographical Society, 2016)
    The Sutter Buttes are an isolated group of lava domes jutting out of California's flat Central Valley. They are a publicly valued icon, and have been compared to natural wonders such as Crater Lake and Yosemite, but unlike ...
  • Seebruck, Ryan (California Geographical Society, 2016)
    Teacher quality is a primary factor influencing student achievement, which subsequently affects future earnings. Studies show that quality teachers are not distributed equally across the U.S., resulting in a maldistribution ...
  • Patzert, William; LaDochy, Steve; Ramirez, Pedro; Willis, Josh (California Geographical Society, 2016)
    In August 1999, the official downtown Los Angeles weather station moved to the University of Southern California campus, 3.78 miles (almost 6 km) to the southwest of its previous location near the city center at the ...