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Collections within Geological Sciences Publications & Research

  • Collection of scholarship submitted by Dr. Lorence Collins, Department of Geological Sciences

Recent Submissions

  • Collins, Lorence G.; Collins, Barbara J. (National Center for Science Education, Inc, 2012)
    Young-earth creationists believe that there was a worldwide flood covering the earth and that virtually all fossil-bearing sedimentary layers, up until the most recent, were deposited by that Flood in about one year (Genesis ...
  • Collins, Lorence G.; Collins, Barbara J. (National Center for Science Education, Inc, 2011)
    Young-earth creationist Larry Vardiman (1993, 2009) has proposed that the continental glaciation that occurred during the Pleistocene Epoch in North America, Greenland, northern Europe, and northern Asia (Figure 1) was a ...
  • Collins, Lorence G. (2013)
    In eastern Turkey, the ark-shaped structure (called the Durupinar ark) likewise contains neither wood nor petrified wood. The absence of wood or petrified wood is indicated by collections of 12 samples of rock from inside ...
  • Collins, Lorence G.; Collins, Barbara J. (National Center for Science Education, Inc, 2010)
    It has been more than twelve years since we (Collins 1988, 1997b; Hunt and others 1992) discussed Robert Gentry’s hypothesis proposing that polonium (Po) halos and granite were created nearly instantaneously on Day Three ...
  • Collins, Lorence G. (National Center for Science Education, Inc, 2009)
    The Bible (Genesis 6–9) describes a worldwide flood (the Noachian Flood) covering even the highest mountains of the earth and the construction of a huge boat (a rectangular box-like craft) that transported animals, at least ...