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This community contains the scholarship and creative works produced by CSUN faculty. Journal articles, book chapters, books, data sets, creative works and other scholarly or creative work showcasing CSUN faculty endeavors are welcome. Additionally, faculty are provided with individual collections within their departments' communities to archive their work. As part of our Scholar Spotlight program, Oviatt library ScholarWorks personnel sort through faculty-submitted CVs in order to secure permission for open-access archiving.


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Recent Submissions

  • Stein, Mary-Pat; M�ller, Matthias P.; Wandinger-Ness, Angela (Wiley, 2012)
    Intracellular bacterial pathogens deploy virulence factors termed effectors to inhibit degradation by host cells and to establish intracellular niches where growth and differentiation take place. Here, we describe mechanisms ...
  • Herr, Henry J.; Bernard, Jeffrey R.; Reeder, Donald W.; Rivas, Donato A.; Limon, Jose J.; Yaspelkis, Ben B. (WileyPhysciological Society, 2005)
    Several recent reports using cell lines have suggested that both Akt and atypical protein kinase C (aPKC) ?/? are translocated to the plasma membrane (PM) in response to insulin. However, it has yet to be determined in ...
  • Grover, T.; Sheng, D. N.; Vishwanath, A. (American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, 2014)
    In contrast to ordinary symmetries, supersymmetry (SUSY) interchanges bosons and fermions. Originally proposed as a symmetry of our universe, it still awaits experimental verification. Here, we theoretically show that SUSY ...
  • Alexander A. Aarts; Joanna E. Anderson; Christopher J. Anderson; Peter R. Attridge; Angela Attwood; Jordan Axt; Molly Babel; Stepan Bahnik; Erica Baranski; Michael Barnett-Cowan; Elizabeth Bartmess; Jennifer Beer; Raoul Bell; Heather Bentley; Leah Beyan; Grace Binion; Denny Borsboom; Annick Bosch; Frank A. Bosco; Sara D. Bowman; Mark J. Brandt; Erin Braswell; Hilmar Brohmer; Benjamin T. Brown; Kristina Brown; Jovita Bruening; Ann Calhoun-Sauls; Shannon P. Callahan; Elizabeth Chagnon; Jesse Chandler; Christopher R. Chartier; Felix Cheung; Cody D. Christopherson; Linda Cillessen; Russ Clay; Hayley Cleary; Mark D. Cloud; Michael Cohn; Johanna Cohoon; Simon Columbus; Andreas Cordes; Giulio Costantini; Leslie D. Cramblet Alvarez; Ed Cremata; Jan Crusius; Jamie Decoster; Michelle A. Degaetano; Nicolas Della Penna; Bobby Den Bezemer; Marie K. Deserno; Olivia Devitt; Laura Dewitte; David G. Dobolyi; Geneva T. Dodson; M. Brent Donnellan; Ryan Donohue; Rebecca A. Dore; Angela Dorrough; Anna Dreber; Michelle Dugas; Elizabeth W. Dunn; Kayleigh Easey; Sylvia Eboigbe; Casey Eggleston; Jo Embley; Sacha Epskamp; Timothy M. Errington; Vivien Estel; Frank J. Farach; Jenelle Feather; Anna Fedor; Belen Fernandez-Castilla; Susann Fiedler; James G. Field; Stanka A. Fitneva; Taru Flagan; Amanda L. Forest; Eskil Forsell; Joshua D. Foster; Michael C. Frank; Rebecca S. Frazier; Heather Fuchs; Philip Gable; Jeff Galak; Elisa Maria Galliani; Anup Gampa; Sara Garcia; Douglas Gazarian; Elizabeth Gilbert; Roger Giner-Sorolla; Andreas Gloeckner; Lars Goellner; Jin X. Goh; Rebecca Goldberg; Patrick T. Goodbourn; Shauna Gordon-Mckeon; Bryan Gorges; Jessie Gorges; Justin Goss; Jesse Graham (American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, 2015)
    Reproducibility is a defining feature of science, but the extent to which it characterizes current research is unknown. We conducted replications of 100 experimental and correlational studies published in three psychology ...
  • Sorensen, Sorena S.; Dunne, George C.; Brooks Hanson, R.; Barton, Mark D.; Becker, Jennifer; Tobisch, Othmar T.; Fiske, Richard S. (Geological Society of America, 1998)
    Volcanic and plutonic rocks exposed in east-central California record a long history of metasomatism and/or metamorphism within the Mesozoic Cordilleran continental arc. We use whole-rock and mineral elemental compositions, ...