McHenry, Leemon



Leemon McHenry, Professor of Philosophy

Contact Information:

Department of Philosophy
California State University,
18111 Nordhoff St., Northridge, CA 91330-8253
Phone: 818-677-4710


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Recent Submissions

  • McHenry, Leemon B., 1956- (State University of New York Press, Albany, 1992)
    The present study attempts to examine the affinities and contrasts in the metaphysical systems of A. N. Whitehead and F. H. Bradley. As a comparative analysis, however, the study does not attempt to give equal attention ...
  • McHenry, Leemon B., 1956- (The Center for Process Studies, 2011)
    Recent developments in cosmology and particle physics have led to speculation that our universe is merely one of a multitude of universes. While this notion, the multiverse hypothesis, is highly contested as legitimate ...
  • McHenry, Leemon B., 1956- (The Center for Process Studies, 1997)
    The very idea of a basis for comparing the philosophies of W.V. Quine and A.N. Whitehead may be surprising to most philosophers, including Quine himself. Both produced systems of thought that have taken philosophy in two ...
  • McHenry, Leemon B., 1956- (The Center for Process Studies, 1995)
    Whitehead's concept of prehension is undeniably the master principle of his process metaphysics. It is the central function of a creative universe whereby the many past occasions become a novel one. In my view, the concept ...
  • McHenry, Leemon B., 1956- (The Center for Process Studies, 1986)
    Commentators on Whitehead's philosophy often mention his mathematical background as a foundation for his metaphysics. Rarely, how ever do they explain just how the rigorous and technical expertise of his early work finds ...