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This collection houses reports generated by the CSUN College of Business and Economics (COBAE) Northridge Consulting Group. Reports were created for City of Los Angeles, WorkSource Centers; City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board; City of Los Angeles FamilySource Program; and the California Workforce Investment Board.


CSUN College of Business and Economics (COBAE) Northridge Consulting Group
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Recent Submissions

  • Moore, Richard; Chapman, Kenneth; Iskowitz, Eric (Northridge Consulting Group, 2018-11-26)
    The LAP3 program created a comprehensive service delivery system that coordinates multiple layers of services being provided to disconnected youth ages 16-24, who are: high school dropouts, in the probation system, in ...
  • Malka, Ari; Moore, Richard; Rubino, Cristina; Bedi, Akanksha; Falley, Sate (Northridge Consulting Group, 2015)
    The labor market attachment and unemployment rate among U.S. youth has changed dramatically over the last few decades. In part, these changes reflect the cyclical nature of the economy, but unemployment for teens and young ...
  • Moore, Richard W.; Assefnia, Kamelia (Northridge Consulting Group, 2017)
    The City of Los Angeles' Workforce Development Board (WDB) and Economic Workforce Development Department (EWDD) have long been committed to monitoring the performance of contractors who operate the City's WorkSource Centers. ...
  • Moore, Richard W.; Orochena, Raquel; Assefnia, Kamelia; Paredes, Elena (Northridge Consulting Group, 2016)
    The Economic Workforce Development Department (EWDD) has contracted with California State University, Northridge to conduct a phone survey of youth served by the City's YouthSource Centers. These surveys are part of the ...
  • Moore, Richard W.; Rubino, Cristina; Malka, Ari; Bedi, Akanksha; Iskowitz, Eric; Gustanski, Tiffany (Northridge Consulting Group, 2017-03-10)
    The Los Angeles Pilot Performance Partnership (LAP3) initiative represents a profound change for how youth services are delivered in Los Angeles City and County. In our view, this profound change is taking place at two ...