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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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18111 Nordhoff St., Northridge, CA 91330-8262
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Collections within Chemistry and Biochemistry Publications & Research

  • Collection housing publications of CSUN Chemistry/Biochemistry professor Dr. Maosheng Miao

Recent Submissions

  • Miao, Maosheng; Botana, Jorge; Zurek, Eva; Hu, Tao; Liu, Jingyao; Yang, Wen (Chemistry of Materials, 2016)
    In comparison with conventional semiconductors, most two-dimensional semiconductor (2DSC) materials are dissimilar in structure and composition. Herein, we use electron-counting rules to propose a large family of 2DSCs, ...
  • Mi, Wenhui; Shao, Xuecheng; Su, Chuanxun; Zhou, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Shoutao; Li, Quan; Wang, Hui; Zhang, Lijun; Miao, Maosheng; Wang, Yanchao; Ma, Yanming (Computer Physics Communications, 2016)
    Orbital-free density functional theory (OF-DFT) is a promising method for large-scale quantum mechanics simulation as it provides a good balance of accuracy and computational cost. Its applicability to large-scale simulations ...
  • Lu, Shaohua; Wang, Yanchao; Liu, Hanyu; gMiao, Maosheng; Ma, Yanming (Nature Communications, 2014-04-16)
    Surfaces of semiconductors are crucially important for electronics, especially when the devices are reduced to the nanoscale. However, surface structures are often elusive, impeding greatly the engineering of devices. Here ...
  • Botana, Jorge; Miao, Maosheng (Nature Communications, 2014-09-10)
    Main group elements usually assume a typical oxidation state while forming compounds with other species. Group I elements are usually in the +1 state in inorganic materials. Our recent work reveals that pressure may make ...
  • Miao, Maosheng; Van Camp, P. E.; Van Doren, V. E.; Ladik, J. J.; Mintmire, J. W. (Journal of Chemical Physics, 1998)
    In this article, an all-electron first-principles total energy calculation with Gaussian-type functions for the wave functions, for the exchange correlation potential, and for the charge density has been applied for single ...