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dc.contributor.editor Weigand, Scott en
dc.contributor.editor Ahrens, Jack en
dc.contributor.editor Mizzi, LeAnn en
dc.contributor.editor Stewert, Hollie en 2012-08-29T21:22:16Z en 2012-08-29T21:22:16Z en 2002 en
dc.identifier.uri en
dc.description.tableofcontents Poetry: Michael Stephans "Why I Believe I Deserve an A in English 595" [Page] 12, Elvis Redux [Page] 15; DeeAnn Jordan "JAILS" [Page] 23; Susan Brown "A Few Words" [Page] 30; Lorraine Tolliver "Apple Town, Julian, Ca." [Page] 40; Kim Young "Los Angeles" [Page] 43; Anja Leigh " Santa Barbara" [Page] 44; Rebecca Stock "Bailey" [Page] 45; Michael Hill "Why the Tree Leans" [Page] 47; Kim Young "Ridiculous Newlyweds" [Page] 48, "I am Still in Third Grade" [Page] 50; DeeAnn Jordon "Margins" [Page] 63; Noreen Lace "Word Problems" [Page] 64; Julie Lauren Vick "It's not alright because it never is" [Page] 77, "The Smallest Taste of' What Will Be" [Page] 79; Robin Hird "The World of Furnaces" [Page] 80; Grant Marcus "DOVE" [Page] 83, "CENTURY TWENTY-ONE" [Page] 84; Dave Guerra "Painting Rainbows" {Page] 85; Kim Young "For the Miners" [Page] 86; Kathleen Seeley "Arroyo" [Page] 90, "Vistor" [Page] 91; Lynette Morinini "Forbidden" [Page] 96; DeeAnn Jordan "DUBLIN AT NIGHT" [Page] 99; Joan E. Bauer "Hanoi, 1996" [Page] 100; Karen Barken "It" [Page] 102; Kim Young "Hum" [Page] 103; Lynette Morininni "Summer's Crossing" [Page] 105. Fiction: Briafl David Cinadr "a heavy duty hand cleaner resolution" [Page] 17; Lisa Humphrey "The Duplicity of Color" [Page] 25; Davey Landau "Sound Theories" [Page] 29; Lynette Morinini "Lessons" [Page] 31; Michael Stephans "Cantante" [Page] 41; Keith Onstad "Active Ingredients" [Page] 53; Anonymous "Plain" [Page] 87; Lisa Humphrey "Unimportant Things" [Page] 93; Lori D. Harris "Postcard From Chaz" [Page] 97; Steve Marshall "Happy Sad" [Page] 107. Interview: Hollie Stewart 'Highlights with Sandra Tsing Loh" [Page] 67; Art: Brandon Camacho "Solar Elvis" [Page] 14; Hollie Stewart "Closed Lock" [Page] 16; Chrisine Ameniya " Michelle Pfeiffer" [Page] 21; Hollie Stewart "Flag on Pole" [Page] 22; Recinda Jeannine "Woman on Bed" [Page] 27; Hollie Stewart "Amplifier" [Page] 28; Recinda Jeannine "Coffee Shop" [Page] 39; Hollie Stewart "Hat" [Page] 42, "Hole in Wall" [Page] 46; Jack Ahrens "Wall" [Page] 49; Brian Walsh "Hollywood Lights II" [Page] 52; Hollie Stewart "Pages" [Page] 62; Jack Aherns "Sandra Tsing Loh" [Page] 66; Hollie Stewart "Open Lock" [Page] 76, "Palm" [Page] 78; Tina Lee "The Grove" [Page] 82; Hollie Stewart "Grass" [Page] 89; Christian Godnez "Scream" [Page] 92; Recinda Jeannie "Couple Hugging" [Page] 98; Judy Doyle "Le Portabella" [Page] 106. en
dc.format application/pdf en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Department of English, California State University, Northridge en
dc.rights Copyright 2001 Northridge Review, California State University, Northridge. en
dc.subject California State University, Northridge - Department of English en
dc.subject American fiction - 20th century. en
dc.subject American poetry - 20th century. en
dc.title Northridge Review: Fall 2002 en
dc.type Journal en

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  • Northridge Review [84]
    A literary magazine published by students at California State University, Northridge.

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