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dc.contributor.advisor Houghton, Mona en
dc.contributor.editor Bockover, Steven en
dc.contributor.editor Kawakami, Leslie en 2013-03-27T20:16:50Z en 2013-03-27T20:16:50Z en 2012 en
dc.identifier.uri en
dc.description.tableofcontents Fiction: Karlee Johnson "Truth Ingest" [Page] 15; Trista Payte "Heart Beats" [Page] 21; Katie McMahon "Two Eggs for Joe" [Page] 27; Megan Barlog "A Child's Suicide" [Page] 31; Sean Pessin "A Natural Selection" [Page] 35; Priscilla Williams "When Fairytales End" [Page] 39; Lauren Marshall "The Top Hat" [Page] 51; Cristina Vazquez "Mami's Tortillas" [Page] 58; Kelly Moreno "A Night in 1975" [Page] 59; Karlee Johnson "Anything More" [Page] 61; Olvard Smith "Modern Brown" [Page] 65; Lauren Marshall "Gone He's Gone!" [Page] 87; Megan Barlog "The Girl Who Saved the World [Page] 89; Gina Srmabekian "The Funerals" [Page] 97; Jennifer Hutchison "Roses and Needles" [Page] 103; Gina Srmabekian "A Tree to Tie My Dreams On" [Page] 109; Doug Weaver "Western Avenue" [Page] 113; Olvard Smith "For All My Beloved Chicken Tenders" [Page] 121; Marina Mularz "The Radical Revision" [Page] 123; Sean Pessin "Fully Present Manifesto" [Page] 129. Poetry: Tiffany Eddy "Perks of Rodentia" [Page] 11; Gina Srmabekian "Invocation of the Engineer" [Page] 12; Freddy Garcia "What The Fuck, 20 Freddy Garcia Wordsworth?" [Page] 20; Freddy Garcia "What Love Looks Like" [Page] 25; David Garyan "Life jackets from the Pharmacist" [Page] 30; Jeffrey C. Alfier "They Never Leave Waco Even When You Jump Their Cars" [Page] 32; Miguel Noh "Closeted Windows and Sexual Textures" [Page] 33; Jeffrey C . Alfier "Passeggiata" [Page] 38; Robin Smith "Lady of Wal-Mart" [Page] 46; Gina Srmabekian "The Uncanny Valley" [Page] 48; Robin Smith "Beads" [Page] 57; Jessa Reed "Inside Mother's Dress" [Page] 62; Miguel Noh "Guide to Traveling" [Page] 84; Marina Mularz "What Crabs Talk About When They Talk About Love" [Page] 85; Jaclyn Hymes "Plumage" [Page] 86; Alex Johnson "My Favorite Book" [Page] 94; Lesley Gouger "Ode to the Dog" [Page] 95; Susana Marcelo "Tea With Insomnia" [Page] 99; Tiffany Eddy "Two Knives" [Page] 101; Deanna Herbert "Bus" [Page] 106; Elizabeth Arana "Hostile Environment" [Page] 107; Robin Smith "Pure Glass When Stained Makes Art of Light" [Page] 111; Susana Marcelo " Anxiety" [Page] 120; Kimberly Sanders "Uncle Tony" [Page] 122. Art: Charlie Kaijo "Untitled" [Page] 14; Sarah Matsui Von Guetzow "Orange in Hand" [Page] 36; Katie Knaub "Untitled" [Page] 34; Irwin Lagusker "Flower" [Page] 47; Aaron Chab "Wisdom" [Page] 50; Aaron Chab "Audrey" [Page] 60; Sarah Matsui Von Guetzow "Wire Teapot" [Page] 83; Katie Knaub "Birdhouses" [Page] 88; Jessica Bauer "Tim Burton" [Page] 96; Jovein Ha "Stung" [Page] 102; Katie Knaub "Planets" [Page] 108; Jovein Ha "Self Portrait" [Page] 108; Sean Pessin "Nature Walk Man" [Page] 119; Jovein Ha "Rabbi Giracow" [Page] 128. en
dc.format application/pdf en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Department of English, California State University, Northridge en
dc.subject American fiction - 21st century en
dc.subject American poetry - 21st century en
dc.title Northridge Review: Fall 2012 en
dc.type Journal en
dc.contributor.photographer Lagusker, Irwin en

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  • Northridge Review [84]
    A literary magazine published by students at California State University, Northridge.

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