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dc.contributor.advisor Houghton, Mona en
dc.contributor.editor Johnson, Karlee en 2013-03-28T17:59:41Z en 2013-03-28T17:59:41Z en 2013 en
dc.identifier.uri en
dc.description.tableofcontents Poetry: Cody Deitz "Super Market in California (or Questions for Allen Ginsberg)" [Page] 11; Juan Alvarado "Life at Sixteen" [Page] 12; Kyle Harris "Family Portrait" [Page] 16; Elizabeth Arana-Moreno "5 North" [Page] 28; Susana Marcelo "As We Walk on Cirrus Clouds" [Page] 38; Elizabeth Arana-Moreno "Happy Hour at the Tender Glow"; Robin Smith "Sunlight" [Page] 41; Trista Payte "Attachment Parenting" [Page] 45; Robin Smith "When We First Met" [Page] 46; Cody Deitz "Fall" [Page] 50; Kimberly Sanders "Call Me Amanda" [Page] 52; Sanam Shahmiri "Persian Fable" [Page] 65; Seigo Kuraoka "The City of Oakland's Memorable Sunsets" [Page] 66; George Fekaris "Disquietude" [Page] 74; Freddy Garcia "Blue Veil" [Page] 76; Jeffery Alfier "What Remedies Extinction in Shelby County" [Page] 77; Jaclyn Hymes "Post Script" [Page] 80; Kyle Harris " Transverse" [Page] 82; Cody Deitz "What Would This City" [Page] 89; Lucy Galstyan "Sunday" [Page] 94; Robin Smith "Capes and Comics" [Page] 95; Jeffery Alfier "Taking the Room by Red Bank Station" [Page] 105; Christopher Pruitt "Dirty Postmodern Bedtime Poem" [Page] 109; Lusine Makarosyan "The Newlywed" [Page] 110; Christopher Pruitt "The Gesture" [Page] 119; Freddy Garcia "Russian Roulette between God and Satan" [Page] 120. Fiction: Trista Payte "There Behind the Garden Shed" [Page] 13; Garrett Clancy "The Last Straight-to-Video Show" [Page] 19; Kelly Moreno "Tracing Lines, Drawing Circles" [Page] 29; Gina Srmabekian "Scar Maps" [Page] 42; Susana Marcelo "The Unwriter" [Page] 47; Jennifer Hutchison "Hero Complex" [Page] 53; Danielle Orozco "Pray for Us" [Page] 69; Amanda Beaudet "Datura vs. Primrose" [Page] 78; Freddy Garcia "Monsters" [Page] 81; Gina Srmabekian "The Strange Places He Lived" [Page] 83; Stephanie Dotto "The Substance of Shadows" [Page] 91; Christian Cardenas "Embers and the Fire" [Page] 97; Eric Barnhart "The Boy in the Orchard" [Page] 107; Daniel Guerrero "Naeku" [Page] 111; Trista payte "I-me-my-write" [Page] 115; Justin David "Waiting for Curiosity" [Page] 123. Art: Alex Johnson "Buffalo" [Page] 18; Serg Zaragoza "10" [Page] 37; hetty Diep "Shadows" [Page] 44; Annette Bagamaspad "Share a Smile" [Page] 64; Marissa Barovay "Hillside Pieces" [Page] 68; Annette Bagamaspad "Complementary Contrast" [Page] 78; Karina Monroy "Self-Portrait" [Page] 90; Danny Sellaro "Untitled" [Page] 96; Annette Bagamaspad "Green Stormy City" [Page] 106; Karina Monroy "If you really want to hear about it". en
dc.format application/pdf en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Department of English, California State University, Northridge en
dc.subject American fiction - 21st century en
dc.subject American poetry - 21st century en
dc.title Northridge Review: Spring 2013 en
dc.type Journal en

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  • Northridge Review [84]
    A literary magazine published by students at California State University, Northridge.

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