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Recent Submissions

  • Duffield-Stoll, Anne Q. (Santa Susana Press, 1994)
    This is the story of a very special place, an oasis in the desert known historically as Soda Springs, which many today call Zzyzx. As with any oasis, the powerful appeal of this place is the water, flowing sparkling clear ...
  • Nykamp, William; D'Ambrosio, Joseph (Santa Susana Press, 1987)
    Preface: Some Terms Defined: The words infidelity, orthodoxy, and heterodoxy are of course subject to a number of definitions; in this book they are used essentially as the clergy of the late 1700's would use them. Infidelity ...
  • Broesamle, John (Santa Susana Press, 1993)
    Introduction: If by European standards all American universities are young, then California State University, Northridge is still in its infancy. Yet by the time it reached its third decade of formal existence in 1988, the ...
  • Kramer, William M. (Santa Susana Press, 1982)
    Hans Burkhardt is in love with America, deeply for what it is, and even more profoundly for what it can become. In some ways he almost suppresses his Swiss origins with a speech that still reflects them. He has been a ...
  • Bakewell, Dennis C.; Read, Don; Tanis, Norman E. (Santa Susana Press, 1976)
    Foreword by Norman Tanis; California State Universities-Northridge Libraries held an exhibit of the work of Lynton R. Kistler from April 25th through June 15th, 1975. The books and materials which follow were exhibited at ...