The California Geographer Vol. 57 (2018)


California Geographer 2018

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This collection houses volume fifty-seven (2018) of The California Geographer, published by California Geographical Society from 1960 to the present.

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Geographic Chronicles


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Recent Submissions

  • Derrick, Matthew; Sherriff, Rosemary (California Geographical Society, 2018)
    2017 CGS Annual Conference Award Winners
  • Adsit, Janelle (California Geographical Society, 2018)
    If one can think of geography as an 'autopsy of the invisible' to borrow the words of Joshua G. De Leon, which serve as an epigraph to this collection, then poetry is geography's great companion. Z Publishing has been for ...
  • Clark, Jessie (California Geographical Society, 2018)
    In Gendering Radicalism, Beth Slutsky produces an important portrait of radical political organizing in twentieth-century America through the stories of three women who served in successive leadership positions for the ...
  • Perdue, Nicholas (California Geographical Society, 2018)
    When news broke that a group of armed militants had seized the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on January 2, 2016, many people around the country grasped for context in order to understand what was ...
  • Benson, Heather (California Geographical Society, 2018)
    The United States -- land of immigrants, historically considered a multicultural melting pot -- has recently become the setting of an outbreak of xenophobia. All manner of peoples standing outside of the mainstream encounter ...