Show simple item record Kuźmicz, Maksymilian M. en 2023-05-31T18:21:28Z 2023-05-31T18:21:28Z 2023 en
dc.identifier.citation Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities 11: 43-59. en
dc.identifier.issn 2330-4219 en
dc.description 38th Annual Assistive Technology Conference Scientific/Research Proceedings. en
dc.description.abstract Information obligation is a key element of consumer protection, particularly in the context of innovative products. This is especially important when it comes to assistive technologies (AT) for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Being informed about the functioning of the system, potential risks, but also one's rights is crucial for building trust in technologies. Information obligation in its current form is often criticised as ineffective. An introduction of multilayer information obligation (MIO) may be an innovative and promising improvement. This paper aims to present the concept of MIO and identify the benefits of that solution. Firstly, three main problems with information obligation in its current form are acknowledged. Secondly, MIO is presented as a solution to all these problems. The key idea of a proposed mechanism is to introduce three layers of information obligations, each more detailed than the previous one. The content, form, and extension of the obligation of each layer are discussed. Thirdly, the paper examines the main benefits and risks of MIO. Finally, the possible implementation, either through legal requirements or voluntary standards adopted by the industry, is discussed. en
dc.format application/pdf en
dc.format.extent 17 pages en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher California State University, Northridge. en
dc.rights Copyright 2023 by the authors and California State University, Northridge en
dc.subject Information obligation en
dc.subject Consumer protection en
dc.subject Technological acceptance en
dc.subject Data protection en
dc.title Multilayer Information Obligation, and Why We Need It en
dc.type Article en
dc.rights.license Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License. en

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