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dc.contributor.advisor Houghton, Mona en
dc.contributor.editor McConnick, Loretta en
dc.contributor.editor Morse, Ashlyn en 2012-09-10T21:09:15Z en 2012-09-10T21:09:15Z en 2007 en
dc.identifier.uri en
dc.description.tableofcontents Poetry: Glenn Sheldon "Burnings" [Page] 13; Cheyene Garwood "Elements" [Page] 27; Jeffrey Alfier "Letters From Yuma to My Father Back East" [Page] 28; Kate Martin Rowe "A Question of tbe Quality of Earthly Life Tbus Far" [Page] 30; Anna M. Carroll "Death Plane" [Page] 32; Wendy Grosskopf "Mining Sierra Nevada Gold" [Page] 39; Kris Huelgas "Rabbit Hole" [Page] 41; Scott Macdonald "My Conversation with tbe Man in White" [Page] 50; Mary Angelino "Nocturne For Love and Gravel" [Page] 57, "Art of tbe Quarry" [Page] 59; Rebecca Dochterman Roney "Gods and Monsters" {Page] 60; Candace Nicholson "My Mother's Cross" [Page] 79; Kris Huelgas "Ago" [Page] 81; Zachary Ng "Reciprocal" {Page] 82; Kate Martin Rowe "Gentrification Called My Name" [Page] 93; Kara Lawton "Fractions of Love and Adoption" [Page] 94; Amber Norwood "Landing" [Page] 111; Mary Angelino "Excerpts" [Page] 112; Richard F. Kilpatrick "Aqueous Humour" [Page] 114; Shahbaz Doad "You" [Page] 116; Zachary Ng "Floss" [Page] 128; Wendy Grosskopf "Wayne" [Page] 129; Clifford G. Mansfield "Intelligence Test" [Page] 130; Zachary Ng "Fix It" [Page] 134; Glen Sheldon "Robert Frost's Bastard Son" [Page] 135; Jennifer Corbin "Mercury Riesling tn Union State" [Page] 136; Jeffrey Alfier "The Tillage at Kilgarvin" [Page] 139; Joseph Mattson "Double Scotcb for the Angel" [Page] 151; Kate Martin Rowe "On the Modification of Clouds Or When the Clouds Don't Listen" [Page] 152; Nancy Carroll "Coyote Tracings" [Page] 154; Amber Norwood "Malibu" [Page] 156. Fiction: Dan Farley "Mohawk Sunshine" [Page] 14; Tracy Ruby "Missing" [Page] 33; Sonya Wong "Dealings" [Page] 42; Cynthia Glucksman "The Surfaceer" [Page] 52; Jennifer Lu "Writing Over the Fox Myth: Small Fictions" [Page] 62; Natalia Jaster "Southern Belle" [Page] 83; Susana Marcelo "Tears and Blood From the Sleeping Beauties Whorehouse" [Page] 95; Rebekkah Bodoff "For Which We Fall" [Page] 104; Jayna Zimmelman "That One Portal Story I Wrote About Vagina Dentata Myth Lesbo Style and With Many Thanks to Mr. Edger Allen Poe" [Page] 119; Amanda Montei "Maybe Sunday" [Page] 131; S.P. Macintyre "Behind Blades of Grass" [Page] 140; Marco De La Fuente Maria In Motion "Page" 158. Art: Sean Petrilak "Animation Still Life" [Page] Cover; Eric Gomez "Tree" [Page] SP; Grant Fausey "Untitled" [Page] 12; Darren Hinton "Cherry Mountain" [Page] 26; Sean Petrilak "Dog's Ear" [Page] 40; Eric Gomez "Untitled" [Page] 58; Sean Petrilak "Kitchen" [Page] 78; Jacqueline Buda "Dad and Child" [Page] 92; Leaf "Karla" [Page] 118; Darren Hinton "Salad Daze" [Page] 138. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Department of English, California State University, Northridge en
dc.rights Copyright 2007 California State University, Northridge en
dc.subject California State University, Northridge - Department of English en
dc.subject American fiction - 21st century. en
dc.subject American poetry - 21st century. en
dc.title Northridge Review: Fall 2007 en
dc.type Journal en

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  • Northridge Review [84]
    A literary magazine published twice a year by students at California State University, Northridge.

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