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ScholarWorks is an open access institutional repository. It currently showcases the work of CSUN’s faculty and students. We are showcasing student work such as theses and dissertations; we are also showcasing faculty publications, including journal articles, presentations, book chapters and books.

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  • Strem, Linda (Caifornia State University, Northridge, 1980-01)
    This project is a survey that examined several factors of accessibility for the disabled in Orange County. The disabled populations for which the information is intended are: 1) wheelchair bound, 2) blind, 3) deaf. There ...
  • Stewart, Shelley Owen (Caifornia State University, Northridge, 1980-06)
    The purpose of this thesis is to determine the effects of an art-based remediation program on learning disabled pre-adolescents with visual perception deficits. Twenty-six students at Sequoia Intermediate School in Newbury ...
  • Smith, Elizabeth Maxine (Caifornia State University, Northridge, 1980-06)
    I have written A Counselor’s Handbook on Pregnancy for the purpose of providing a ready compendium of the basic nature and stages of pregnancy. There are many resource books available on the physiological and psychological ...
  • Stein-Snyder, Sheryl (Caifornia State University, Northridge, 1980-06)
    Non-traditional approaches to personal integration have been employed by researchers as a method of non-medical healing, with mysticism and physics drawn closer together in the same scientific field of study (Coxhead: ...
  • Steiner, Sally Ann (Caifornia State University, Northridge, 1980-06)
    In this study George Luks’ artistic achievements are examined from the standpoint of the artist’s role as a commentator on the American scene of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The basic art historical ...



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