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ScholarWorks is an open access institutional repository. It currently showcases the work of CSUN’s faculty and students. We are showcasing student work such as theses and dissertations; we are also showcasing faculty publications, including journal articles, presentations, book chapters and books.

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  • Guthrie, Alexander John (1982-01)
    WHY I PAINT I paint in order to feel a sense of being. To stop painting would be to stop living – how a painting proceeds effects me deeply. Any successful gambit while painting is greeted by me with feelings of elation; ...
  • Gutierrez, Raymond Joseph (1982-05)
    This study is an exploration of an association between willingness to risk and external-internal locus of control. Do past experiences of failure affect the decision-making process or are values embedded firmly in social ...
  • Haining, Jeane (1982-01)
    The purpose of this manual is to provide a comprehensive series of exercises which can be easily utilized and adapted by a therapeutic recreation specialist or other practitioner. An exploratory investigation was conducted ...
  • Hancock, Barbara A. (1982-01)
    The purpose of this abstract is to provide the reader with an analysis of the techniques employed in directing a CSUN production of Uncommon Women and Others. The play opened in the Studio Theatre on October 17, 1980, ...
  • Hardaker, Philip Richard (1982-05)
    A speech synthesizer was designed and programmed to be used in conjunction with an APPLE II computer. Speech was made possible with a Voice Synthesis Processor (VSP) integrated circuit from Texas Instruments. The circuit ...



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