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ScholarWorks is an open access institutional repository. It currently showcases the work of CSUN’s faculty and students. We are showcasing student work such as theses and dissertations; we are also showcasing faculty publications, including journal articles, presentations, book chapters and books.

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  • Flenniken, Ardis Anne (California State University, Northridge, 1984-05)
    The purpose of this thesis is to suggest guidelines for an English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum designed to develop the communicative competence of foreign-born professionals residing in the United States. ...
  • Gale, Edith Jenice (California State University, Northridge, 1984-08)
    Assuming that there was a need for a Seventh-day Adventist preschool in the San Fernando Valley, the author determined the wishes of the Academy concerning the program, interviewed directors of other preschools, reviewed ...
  • Futterman, Lisa (California State University, Northridge, 1984-01)
    Anorexia nervosa is a syndrome characterized by the patient's pursuit of extreme thinness which is often life-threatening. In recent years, the incidence of anorexia nervosa has risen dramatically in the Western ...
  • Freedenberg, Paulette Rubick (California State University, Northridge, 1984-05)
    The purpose of the study is to develop a list of therapist behaviors which could be considered abuses of power. A survey of the opinions of therapists, counselor-educators, clients and prominent authors in the field ...
  • Fishman, Lisa Dianne (California State University, Northridge, 1984-01)
    This study investigated the effects of a commercial starch blocker product, a legume a-amylase inhibitor, on amylase activity utilizing starch solutions of amylose, amylopectin, potato, corn, waxy corn, and wheat. The ...



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