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This community contains the scholarship and creative works produced by CSUN faculty and students as published in CSUN-related open access journals.
Journals include the following arranged by CSUN department:


Santa Susana Press

Santa Susana Press Books -- Legacy publications of CSUN's now defunct Santa Susana Press.



Bios -- Newsletter from the CSUN Department of Biology

Biosphere -- Weekly bulletin from the CSUN Department of Biology

The New Journal of Student Research Abstracts -- Journal of K-12 science experiment abstracts, edited by emeritus CSUN Biology Professor Steven B. Oppenheimer and financially supported by CSUN. 24 volumes (1995-2019)

Bookstein Institute

Tax Development Journal -- Journal on Taxation for the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics.

Center on Disabilities

Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities -- CSUN Center on Disabilities journal of annual conference proceedings. 9 volumes (2013-2020)

Chicana/Chicano Studies

In Verso -- Online Journal published by CSUN Department of Chicana/o Studies faculty.


The Northridge Review -- Student publication of the CSUN Department of English. Published under various names since 1962 and as Northridge Review since 1982.


The California Geographer -- California Geographic Society / CSUN Department of Geography. 58 volumes (1960-2019)

University Advancement

@ CSUN/CSUN Today -- Newsletters from CSUN's University Advancement Marketing and Communications division. (1996-2014)


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Recent Submissions

  • Oppenheimer, Steven B.; Chun, Helen H.; Berman, Mindy F.; Lundgren, Alvalyn; Miller, Terri (California State University, Northridge, 2020)
    The New Journal of Student Research Abstracts is published yearly in the fall. Continued publication is always dependent on funding. The journal is intended to serve as 1] a vehicle to honor young investigators and their ...
  • DeVivo, Mike (California Geographical Society, 2020)
    As a veteran, educator, and citizen, it is with great sadness and grave concern that I write these words, for not only do African Americans continue to be threatened by bullies in law enforcement positions, our head of ...
  • Foggie, Ahmed (California Geographical Society, 2020)
    Spanning forty-one million square miles of the earth's surface and connecting four continents, the Atlantic Ocean houses the origins of our current global culture. Within its depths lie legacies of nightmarish atrocities, ...
  • Derrick, Matthew (California Geographical Society, 2020)
    Open Letters to California Geographic Society Members
  • Sharifzadeh, Saeideh; Adhikari, Sanchayeeta (California Geographical Society, 2020)
    Surface water mapping is essential for studying global environmental changes in the quantity and quality of water bodies. This study explores the applicability of machine learning algorithm Support Vector Machine (SVM) in ...