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This community houses 58 volumes of The California Geographer published by the California Geographic Society from 1960 to the present.


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  • DeVivo, Mike (California Geographical Society, 2020)
    As a veteran, educator, and citizen, it is with great sadness and grave concern that I write these words, for not only do African Americans continue to be threatened by bullies in law enforcement positions, our head of ...
  • Foggie, Ahmed (California Geographical Society, 2020)
    Spanning forty-one million square miles of the earth's surface and connecting four continents, the Atlantic Ocean houses the origins of our current global culture. Within its depths lie legacies of nightmarish atrocities, ...
  • Derrick, Matthew (California Geographical Society, 2020)
    Open Letters to California Geographic Society Members
  • Sharifzadeh, Saeideh; Adhikari, Sanchayeeta (California Geographical Society, 2020)
    Surface water mapping is essential for studying global environmental changes in the quantity and quality of water bodies. This study explores the applicability of machine learning algorithm Support Vector Machine (SVM) in ...
  • Cultrera, Lucy; Byrd, Renee; Derrick, Matthew (California Geographical Society, 2020)
    The Cully neighborhood is situated in the northeast quadrant of Portland, Oregon. It is a 2.75-square-mile plot of land and home to roughly 13,000 people. In addition to being one of the most diverse neighborhoods in ...