Legacy Open Access Electronic Theses and Dissertations (1957-2011)



This collection houses the digitized versions of print Master's theses written by CSUN's graduate students between the years of 1957-2010. The collection is primarily open access between the years 1957-1988 due to the nature of copyright laws in effect prior to March, 1989. Theses published during this time without (c) symbols and not registered with the US Copyright Office became part of the public domain.

Theses published post-March, 1989 are automatically copyrighted and do not fall into the public domain without specific licensing instructions (such as a Creative Commons license) provided by the copyright owners. For that reason, only some theses between the years of 1989-2010 will appear in this collection. The remainder will be housed in our partial-access collection. Only CSUN students and faculty and on-campus visitors will be allowed to access the collection.

We have endeavored to ensure that all open access theses are clear of copyright restrictions. However, should any issues related to copyright infringement exist, please contact Andrew Weiss at andrew.weiss@csun.edu.

Theses and Dissertations are also housed in each discipline's departmental communities.

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Works in CSUN ScholarWorks are made available exclusively for educational purposes such as research or instruction. Literary rights, including copyright for published works held by the creator(s) or their heirs, or other third parties may apply. All rights are reserved unless otherwise indicated by the copyright owner(s).

Recent Submissions

  • Aftandilian, Alex D. (California State University, Northridge, 2004-06)
    Recently, motivated by the seemingly accelerating number of 3D models available on the Web, a search engine for 3D models was developed. To query the search engine, a user can specify an example 3D model; the search engine ...
  • Kimberlin, Gregory C. (1969-08)
    While Pacific Telephone Company has generously offered to provide some material for advertising new phones and devices for the deaf, there still remains the need to advertise and make it possible for simulated trial use. ...
  • Koch, Frederick L. (1975)
    Deaf junior high school and senior high school students in many schools and programs for the deaf across the nation are not having adequate guidance services made available to them. The deaf adolescent i s in need (on at ...
  • Klopping, Sandra Lee (California State University, Northridge, 1975)
    Although there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of assistance the deaf-blind are receiving, and attention is being focused on this badly neglected group of citizens, not much thought has been given as to where ...
  • Howell, Robert J. (California State University, Northridge, 1975)
    This project is a series of 80 slides and an audio tape cassette of the narrative for a slide presentation. The narrative is also in printed form. The narrative describes the needs assessment program of the Multi-Handic ...