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This community contains the scholarship and creative works produced by CSUN faculty. Journal articles, book chapters, books, data sets, creative works and other scholarly or creative work showcasing CSUN faculty endeavors are welcome. Additionally, faculty are provided with individual collections within their departments' communities to archive their work. As part of our Scholar Spotlight program, CSUN Library ScholarWorks personnel sort through faculty-submitted CVs in order to secure permission for open-access archiving.


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Recent Submissions

  • ben Asher, Moshe (Gather the People, 2021)
    The past two decades of community organizing around issues of racial, political, and economic justice confirm that grassroots practice for social change, notwithstanding local and national successes, has not harnessed ...
  • ben Asher, Moshe (Gather the People, 2021)
    The perennially unpopular call to rebuild the structure of American democracy from the bottom up has persisted for decades,1 but it's usually rejected out of hand as a pipe dream. Yet, perhaps now, there is a glimmer of ...
  • Weisner, Stanley; ben Asher, Moshe (Gather the People, 1980)
    Community workers draw on a broad range of social science theories to guide their practice. Few, however, have systematically examined social-learning theory for its relevance to community practice. In this article, the ...
  • ben Asher, Moshe (Gather the People, 2022)
    The Takedown of American Democracy: The depraved politics of Republican authoritarians in our era have perverted America's political culture and institutions and deserted the commonweal. Given this existential assault on ...
  • Sanchez, Freddie; Gammage, Marquita; Josefina, Kaylee X.; Muhammed, Naim; Porter, Tracee; Pruitt, Kamau (California State University, Northridge, 2022-01-18)
    On Friday, September 10, 2021 during CSUN President's Annual Welcome Address, President Erika Beck announced that California State University, Northridge would be engaging in a discussion focused on better serving historically ...