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This community contains the scholarship and creative works produced by CSUN faculty. Journal articles, book chapters, books, data sets, creative works and other scholarly or creative work showcasing CSUN faculty endeavors are welcome. Additionally, faculty are provided with individual collections within their departments' communities to archive their work. As part of our Scholar Spotlight program, CSUN Library ScholarWorks personnel sort through faculty-submitted CVs in order to secure permission for open-access archiving.


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Recent Submissions

  • ben Asher, Moshe (Gather the People, 2020)
    One of my most memorable experiences in the early years of my community organizing, which turned out to be an omen, happened while door knocking in a neighborhood organizing drive. It was before faith based organizing came ...
  • ben Asher, Moshe (Gather the People, 2020)
    It was in 1972 that I read the Playboy interview of Saul Alinsky. Inspired, I decided on the spot to make my profession community organizing. I had done a stint in the military as a radar technician, finished college with ...
  • ben Asher, Moshe; bat Sarah, Khulda (Gather the People, 2021)
    Optimism has returned to the country, since last year's electoral victories have led to President Biden signing into law the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, families have received sorely needed money from the federal ...
  • ben Asher, Moshe (Gather the People, 2020)
    The importance of individual moral sensibility to achieving healthy social life can hardly be overstated. Lustig (2017a) proposes, with particular relevance to social work, that four major American crises -- the healthcare ...
  • ben Asher, Moshe; bat Sarah, Khulda (Gather the People, 2021)
    אֲ נִי רוֹצֶה לִ הְ יוֹת עֶ בֶ ד הי לְ תַ קֵּ ן אֶ ת הָ עוֹלָם (I want to be a servant of God to repair the world) we told ourselves (and each other), time and time again. But the desire to do that was often at odds with ...