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This community houses documents pertaining to CSUN's Center on Disabilities. Included are collections of scholarship published by the Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities , and the proceedings of the International Conference on Assistive Technology and Persons with Disabilities .


The Center on Disabilities is committed to the vision of an inclusive society where persons of all abilities have the chance to achieve their goals and experience success. Through excellent training and research, we nurture learning and innovation to improve the world for people with disabilities.

The center sponsors assistive technology training programs to expand the awareness of professionals and introduce newcomers to the disability field, and hosts the largest international conference focused on the field of assistive technology.


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Recent Submissions

  • Matsuo, Masaki; Sakajiri, Masatsugu; Onishi, Junji; Ono, Tsukasa; Miura, Takahiro (California State University, Northridge., 2017)
    Computer games are becoming increasingly diversified. The lead author of this paper first encountered them early in elementary school. One of the authors recalls quite often having had fun playing games with his neighborhood ...
  • Tang, Hao; Amuneke, Tayo; Lantigua, Juan; Zou, Huang; Seiple, William; Zhu, Zhigang (California State University, Northridge., 2017)
    Trip planning is useful for every traveler, especially for visually impaired people because they can learn maps and routes prior to their upcoming journey. Research on trip planning for the visually impaired has been more ...
  • Smith, Taliesin L.; Lewis, Clayton; Moore, Emily B. (California State University, Northridge., 2017)
    Interactive simulations are increasingly important in science education, yet most are inaccessible to blind learners. In developing an accessible prototype of a PhET interactive science simulation, we encountered significant ...
  • Ichikari, Ryosuke; Kurata, Takeshi (California State University, Northridge., 2017)
    In this paper, we present a new approach for collecting accessible information for visually impaired people. In the past, accessible maps for people with disabilities have been created by holding events called "mapping ...
  • Newton, Chelsea; Sennott, Samuel C. (California State University, Northridge., 2017)
    This single-case non-concurrent multiple baseline design intervention study targeted four young adults in public high school with complex communication needs who lacked augmentative and alternative communication using the ...