Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities Volume 2



This collection houses Volume 2 of the Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities published by the CSUN Center on Disabilities. 2015 marks the second year of the journal, which gathers the best papers from the 29th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference , held in San Diego, California in 2014.

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Recent Submissions

  • Gillette, Dan; Selker, Ted (California State University, Northridge., 2014-12)
    For voters who cannot read a graphical ballot, audio-based voting systems currently in use can provide a private and independent path for entering the first and last names of write-in candidates, but the process tends to ...
  • Milne, Lauren R.; Bennett, Cynthia L.; Ladner, Richard E. (California State University, Northridge., 2014-12)
    Mobile health (mHealth) applications are becoming popular and could be useful for people who are blind as they allow the data from mainstream health sensors to be accessed on the smartphone. However, in order for the health ...
  • Jackson, James E. (California State University, Northridge., 2014-12)
    Within the last decade, especially the last two years, there has been a great deal of research regarding the effect that typography has on the readability and accessibility of text for individuals with dyslexia This research ...
  • Swierenga, Sarah J.; Pierce, Graham L.; Blosser, Stephen R.; Mathew, Adi; Jackson, James E. (California State University, Northridge., 2014-12)
    Our research team created an accessible dual-axis, force feedback joystick to enable individuals with limited dexterity to independently vote using electronic voting machines. Usability evaluations were conducted with ...
  • Ding, Yao; Vanderheiden, Gregg C. (California State University, Northridge., 2014-12)
    People with disabilities often need professional support and advice in daily life decisions such as choosing a job, a health care plan, or an access product that best fits their needs. However many people face barriers to ...